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Open November 15 - May 10

Ice Age is an exciting and educational exhibition that invites you to travel back in time to discover a frigid world, covered in ice and occupied by mammoths, saber-toothed cats, bears, gigantic birds, cave people and more.

Ice Age features life-sized animatronic animals, real fossils, some of which can be touched by our guests, and cast skeletons set within elaborate Ice Age scenery.

  • Adult: $14.95
  • Senior: $12.95
  • Child: $8.95
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The exhibition begins 2.5 million years ago when the Earth witnessed a major environmental disruption, one that lead to dramatic evolutionary changes to Earth’s life forms and forever shaped human history. Guests then travel through galleries exploring the Megafauna, or giant Ice Age animals; the Ice People, including Neanderthals and Cro Magnons; the Tar Pits, the death traps of the Ice Age creatures; and the Megafaunal Extinction, exploring the theories for why many animals of the Ice Age became extinct.

This exhibition provides a unique and exciting walk through the Ice Age epoch for families and visitors of all ages, closing with poignant discussion topics about Earth’s fragile climates and possible return of the Ice. The Ice Return Gallery explores the prediction for another glacial period in the current Ice Age, how global warming might tip the balance of nature in a swifter, more dangerous direction, and what people can do to help the planet.

Ice Age was created by Imagine Exhibitions and Aurea Productions and is curated and advised by world-renowned vertebrate paleontologist Dr. Gregory M. Erickson. Professor Erickson is a leading expert on the biology of extinct organisms, mammals and dinosaurs in particular. He has published nearly 100 professional papers, and participated in over 25 paleontological expeditions around the world.

Real Pirates Exhibition Discovery Museum
Real Pirates Exhibition Discovery Museum

SPEED: Science in Motion Exhibition 

May 23, 2015 - January 10, 2016

Zoom through this thrilling exhibition on the science of speed and motion. This exhibit investigates the technology of Formula One auto racing, from physics and engineering to human endurance and biology. This racetrack-style exhibition provides an exhilarating look at the world of Formula One racing complete with pit lane, workshop, and physical testing environments.