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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at Moody Gardens!

Are You Under 18?

CLICK HERE to explore our SAVY program.

Are You Over 18? 

CLICK HERE to submit a General Volunteer application.

CLICK HERE to submit a Dive Volunteer application.

*We will be accepting new applications in the months of January and September.


Our Adult Volunteer Program is for all individuals ages 18 and older with the ability to pass a background check, commit to a minimum 8 hours per month, with a minimum of 40 hours in front of the scenes before being eligible to apply for additional volunteer positions, and comfortably interact with guests as a representative of Moody Gardens. Additional volunteer positions become available with the accrual of 40 hours of volunteer service. Accrued hours do not guarantee acceptance into any position. Advanced volunteer positions, such as Assistant Rainforest Keeper and Assistant Aquarist, are demanding, competitive, and require an internal application process. 

If you are interested in the volunteer dive program please visit the Volunteer Diver Application. The Volunteer Dive Program requires that you be able to complete all the general volunteer requirements plus a dive physical, DAN Pro Class, swim test and check out dive before getting in the water. 

We do not accept individuals seeking court-appointed service hours and at this time we cannot accept international applicants.

Volunteers at Moody Gardens





Our volunteers are a diverse group of individuals that comprise a variety of professions, backgrounds, and ages. Each has a distinct passion to share our mission with our guests. In exchange for volunteers sharing their passion with us the Volunteer Program offers professional development opportunities, social events, member benefits, recognition of service, and opportunities to learn about and get an up close look at how Moody Gardens operates.



Volunteers at Moody Gardens
Volunteers at Moody Gardens


As a public, non-profit educational destination utilizing nature in the advancement of rehabilitation, conservation, recreation and research, most of our volunteers initially focus on guest experience for a minimum of 40 hours and then based off of availability may apply to work behind the scenes alongside our staff keepers and aquarists. The exception to this is for those interested in the Volunteer Dive Program.

We also encourage skill specific applicants. If you have a passion for sharing a specific skill (e.g. marketing, events, arts, electrical, etc) please submit an application and contact us directly detailing your interest.



Volunteers at Moody Gardens

How to Become a Volunteer?

  • Submit a General Volunteer application or a Dive Volunteer application. (Applications will be accepted in January and September.)
  • You will be contacted by email to sign up for an interview where you will receive a better understanding of the program and the position(s) you are interested in working. 
  • We will run a Criminal History Background Check on all applicants as part of the interview process. Applicants must be cleared before being accepted.
  • If accepted into the program, you will be contact with our available Orientation dates.
  • At Orientation, you will learn about Moody Gardens as well as receive training on our customer service, safety, and general policies. Confirm your chosen volunteer area and schedule any training sessions that might be necessary for your area.
  • Accept your volunteer name tag, volunteer shirt and official welcome!
  • Attend any required training sessions and pass an associated knowledge assessment test.