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Aquarium Pyramid

The Aquarium Pyramid is one of the country’s largest with more than 8,000 marine animals from all the world’s oceans, including seals, sharks and penguins.

Rainforest Pyramid

The 10-story Rainforest Pyramid houses more than 2,000 species of exotic plants from the rainforests around the world, and offers a rare, up-close experience with endangered animals.

Discovery Museum

The Discovery Museum is currently featuring Discover the Ice Age. This exhibit features life-sized animatronic animals, real fossils, some of which can be touched by our guests, and cast skeletons set within elaborate Ice Age scenery.


MG 3D Theater

Enjoy a state-of-the-art 3D viewing experience in the MG 3D Theater, featuring the largest screen in Texas, with the debut the world’s first 4K 3D giant screen 6-Primary laser projection system. Audiences will now see films on the new 60 by 80 foot white screen nearly three and a half times brighter than normal theaters, with vibrant colors and new 3D glasses technology.

4D Special FX Theater

 4D SPECIAL FX THEATER: When the last blue macaws on Earth, Blu and Jewel, are captured by a gang of greedy bird smugglers, the unexpected duo must work together to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this thrilling 4D journey through Rio de Janeiro. Runs continuously every 20 minutes.

Outdoor Attractions

Colonel Paddlewheel Boat

 Live the high-life on an hour-long cruise aboard a replica of an 1800s paddlewheel boat. Dinner and private cruises are available for groups of 65 or more (Weather permitting).