Aquarium Pyramid

A Unique Experience!

From the Gulf of Mexico to the South Atlantic, the South Pacific, the North Pacific, and the Caribbean.
Each ocean exhibit highlights different marine sanctuaries and different aspects of our relationship to the seas.

Gulf of Mexico Rig Exhibit

See the balance of technology and nature through this two-story, scale model oil production platform aquarium.

Jellyfish Gallery

Prepare for a whimsical array of soft-bodied predators in a spectacular presentations of these free-swimming coral relatives.

Mangrove Lagoon

Touch Cownose Stingrays and Bonnethead Sharks as they swim lazily around the jungle of stilt roots that provide a critical habitat as another touch tank features invertebrates and small fishes. 

Flower Garden Banks

A tribute to this unique tropical coral reef system, part of an expansive series of banks within the Northwest Gulf of Mexico.

Humboldt Penguin Habitat

The introduction of a second penguin habitat with another warmer climate penguin species.

South Atlantic Penguin Habitat

Visit the King, Gentoo, Chinstrap, Rockhopper and Macaroni penguins in the chilly waters of the South Atlantic. 

South Pacific Biome

Explore the diversity of colorful corals, invertebrates, fishes and sharks in the large and small aquarium features.

Pirate Shipwreck at the Caribbean Exhibit

Sharks, rays and other tropical fish swim overhead as you walk through the tunnel in this one million-gallon exhibit now featuring The Pride, a replica of Galveston’s own pirate, Jean Lafitte’s 19th century rum-runner.

Interactive Dive Programs

You now have the opportunity to communicate with the divers as they plunge below the surface and ask questions of the experts!

Conservation Lab

Watch and ask questions with the aquarium staff as they perform essential functions in this working lab at the aquarium.