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Education Workshop at Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens Outreach Programs

All Outreach Programs are multi-sensory, lecture, discussion, and interactive based. Although, program topics are science based, each topic also has interdisciplinary elements including: history, geography, culture, and conservation. The outrach program topic can be tailored to the grade level with the appropriate corresponding TEKS. To "illustrate" the program topics, Bio-facts and artifacts are introduced offering the student additional insight into their program. At the conclusion of this 45-55 minute program, your student will have the opportunity of engagement with both bio-fact and artifact, creating their own "AH-HA" moment!

Outreach Topics:

*INSECTS: The Unsung Hero

If you love chocolate Thank an insect! Explore the diverse super powers of our most often overlooked hero!


It's not just aquatic animals that depend on the Amazon River! Learn of the unique terrestrial, arboreal, and aquatic's relationship each animal has with the Amazon River.


Offers insight into the relationship the King, Rock Hoper, Yellow-Eyed, and Humboldt Penguin have with the natural resources of their environment for their "palace" construction.


Coral, is it a plant, an animal, or a mineral? How these elements work together forming a habitat for aquatic life and more!

*RAINFOREST: It's Connection to You!

The conversation begins with an overview of a tropical rainforest, the treasures within the biomes and their relevancy to us.

*Chocolate, Coconuts, and the Cuna

Imagine your students experiencing a cultural voyage through the eyes of the Cuna! The Cuna, a vibrant extant culture, live in and rely on their "Tropical American Mall."

Price: $100.00/ Presentation (maximum of five presentations per day) Reservations more than sixty miles from Galveston will include a mileage fee. 

Reservations are required and must be made at least two weeks in advance. Call 409-683-4331 or e-mail us at outreach@moodygardens.com for information and reservations.