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Biologist AQ / RF
Department Curatorial
Notes Daily care and proper upkeep of animals and their facilities
Professional Animal Care 1. Report to work location by scheduled time. 2. Maintain clean, professional appearance. 3. Perform daily routines as scheduled. 4. Maintain appropriate animal records. 5. Assist with animal treatments as directed. 6. Assist with animal movements as directed. Communication 1. Conduct yourself in a helpful, patient, manner with the guests. 2. participate in various public presentations, with or without animals. 3. Communicate problems with animals and exhibits to Biologist supervisor. Facility Maintenance 1. Observe and maintain assign areas. 2. Report supply needs to Senior Biologist/ Biologist Supervisor. WORKING CONDITIONS: Subject to possibility of bites and stings. May work in water, both man-made and natural, temperatures ranging upwards from 55┬║. Heavy lifting(greater the 50 pounds on occasion), walking and working within a wet environment. Outdoor work on occasion, under a variety of conditions: cold weather, hot weather, rain, mud, ocean environments and dry land. Available for overtime, both non-emergency and emergency situations. On call 24 hours a day. PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: All Employees must maintain a neat, clean and well groomed appearance(specific standards available).
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