Due to current events this year's World Ocean's Day celebration has been cancelled. 

World Oceans Day at Easter at Ghostly Gardens at Moody Gardens
World Oceans Day at Easter at Ghostly Gardens at Moody Gardens
Turtle in Moody Gardens Aquarium

Moody Gardens invites you to be a Reefer …
Help Save Our Coral Reefs
this World Ocean's Day and Every Day


Splash. Save. Learn. Donate. Dive In and take action.  As a Reefer, you’re supporting ocean conservation, whether you are visiting the Aquarium Pyramid, relaxing at Palm Beach or skipping the straw in your drink to conserve on plastics, your ticket purchase actually supports saving coral reefs and many other causes. 

Join us June 7 - 9 for our World Oceans Day event. A variety of activities are outlined below, and this year we are focusing on an international effort to increase awareness and combat a disease that is rapidly killing the Florida Reef Tract, the third largest coral reef system in the world. Moody Gardens’ new Coral Rescue Lab is being used to propagate coral as it focuses on species being impacted by this disease.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), selected Moody Gardens to participate in this vital project to help save corals native to the Florida Reef Tract as one of 60 institutions from 21 states and Canada. As a non-profit with a mission of conservation, your ticket purchase, a donation or a decision to learn about conservation is supporting an effort save coral reefs and many other environmental causes. Protect our oceans and Be a Reefer today and everyday!

 Visit worldoceansday.org for even more resources and information

world oceans day

Why do we celebrate World Oceans Day?

The world’s ocean:

  • Generates most of the oxygen we breathe
  • Helps feed us
  • Regulates our climate
  • Cleans the water we drink
  • Offers a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines
  • Provides limitless inspiration!

Source: worldoceansday.org