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Ropes Course/Zip Line Operator Supervisor
Department Ropes Course / Zip Line
The Operator Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Ropes Course and Zip Line. Operator Supervisor must be familiar with all aspects of the Ropes Course and Zip Line and is responsible for overseeing the Operators. POSITION AUTHORITY: The incumbent is authorized to take reasonable action necessary to carry out assigned duties and responsibilities, provided such action is consistent with position guidelines as outlined below. POSITION GUIDELINES: Position guidelines include, but are not limited to, established company and department policies and procedures and all supervisory directives. The incumbent is expected to exercise sound, reasonable judgment and initiative, and give high priority to accuracy and details in the performance of job responsibilities. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: •Inspect the course and all safety equipment prior to use •Monitor activities on the course and maintain safety •Monitor all participants on and off the course and immediately stop any unsafe behavior •Outfit all participants with the correct size harness and adjust for proper fit •Attach participants to the sling line ensuring proper sling line length and equipment safety •Knowledgeable of Emergency Take Down procedures •Assist participants that become scared while on the course •Manage zip line breaking system when necessary •Insert and remove the puck of the slider assembly into and out of the overhead track •Attend annual updated training in order to maintain certification •Oversee Operators and make sure everything is running smoothly •Take down the daily count every hour, record the weather at that hour and call VC to give them the hourly update •Close down the course after all guests have left- lock all gates and take final attendance count upstairs •Assume 100% responsibility for quality of guests experience •Operate cash register •Any and all other duties as assigned; duties are subject to change as management deems necessary to best serve the needs of Moody Gardens EDUCATION/ EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: •Ability to obtain Operator Certification and renew annually REQUIRED SKILLS: •Must be 17 years or older •Must be comfortable being in close proximity to people of all ages and sexes •Must be responsible and reliable •Must process excellent communication skills PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: •Must be comfortable working at heights of 71 ft. or higher for extended periods of time •Must weigh less than 300 pounds •Ability to perform tasks that include bending, stooping, and climbing •Ability to lift and carry 80+ pounds for no less than 10 ft.
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