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Rainforest Pyramid

Rainforest Pyramid: Dynamic Dwellers
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Introducing Rainforests of the World: Dynamic Dwellers

This summer exciting changes inside the Rainforest Pyramid will allow guests to experience life in a whole new way as they journey from the treetops to exploring what occurs beneath the surface of the Rainforest Floor. Existing plants, free-roaming birds and animals and enclosed exhibits will be enhanced with the addition of inhabitants that dwell within a new European Bee Colony, Decomposers Gallery, Leafcutter Ant exhibit in the Sunrise Gallery and more. Visitors will be fully immersed as they trek through the Upper Canopy and Conservation Huts on through the rainforests of Asia, Africa and the Americas to the Nightfall Gallery for new perspectives and insight. A tribute to the plants, animals and all life within Rainforests of the World.

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Experience a breathtaking tribute to the world’s vanishing rainforests and its inhabitants.

As you enter through a tree-top canopy entrance, you'll visit the rainforests of Asia, Africa and the Americas in a rare, up-close and interactive adventure with over 1,700 exotic plants and endangered animals that range from Giant Amazon River Otters to an ocelot, Kmodo dragons and other reptiles. Saki monkeys, Cotton-top tamarins, and sloths roam freely while an array of birds fly between the trees as you walk the trails through the spacious enclosure! 

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