Hope Therapy

Hope Therapy at Moody Gardens was inspired by the son of Foundation Trustee Robert L. Moody, who sustained a head injury in an automobile accident and who subsequently discovered the healing benefits of therapy utilizing animals and nature. Opening in January 1986, Hope Therapy became the cornerstone of Moody Gardens, an internationally recognized program that offered rehabilitative horseback-riding (Hippotherapy) to mentally and to physically disabled individuals.

Today's Hope Therapy offers Horticultural Therapy, through which individuals with disabilities can improve sensory awareness and motor abilities, regain confidence, and learn new skills to prepare for employment opportunities. The massive greenhouse and Rainforest Pyramid at Moody Gardens are tended in part by these special clients.

Vocational Training, or Supported Employment also is an important part of the program. This provides the opportunity for individuals with disabilities to develop the necessary skills to gain and maintain a job. Moody Gardens employs many of these individuals on a full and part-time basis. We will work with job coaches, as needed.

For individuals with special needs looking for employment, please contact our Human Resources Department at (409)683-4275 or (409)683-4271

Hope Therapy Events

Adaptive Water Sports Festival

Art in the Gardens

Mardi Gras Ball for Special People

Growing Together at Moody Gardens

Volunteers Needed:

Please, click here to email our Volunteer Coordinator or
call 409-683-4108 to find out about volunteer opportunities.