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Best Deal: FINtastic Spring Break Hotel Package! 

March 10 - 19, 2023

This package includes a room for one night, two plushies, family four pack of tickets to visit the Discovery Museum Sharks Exhibit and 3D theater film Secrets of the Sea.

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Sharks In Depth Exhibit - Now Open!

Sharks In Depth, a new exhibit in the Discovery Museum, explores shark facts versus fiction, anatomy, and behavior through a series of hands-on activities. Learn how sharks sense prey through vibrations and smell, what currently threatens shark populations and more. The exhibit covers the mysterious and often misunderstood world of sharks, from where they live and what they eat, to how they are designed for their environments along with and safety tips for humans while in the ocean. 

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Planet Earth: Deep Sea Adventures - Now Open!

The Planet Earth: Deep Sea Adventures exhibit comes to Galveston Island by way of the San Antonio Zoo. Dr.Dante Fenolio, San Antonio Zoo’s Vice President of Conservation and Research, has traveled the world and to the deepest depths, shedding light on rarely-seen wildlife to the general public. Planet Earth: Deep Sea Adventure takes us to the bottom of the ocean to a concealed habitat absent of light. This strange and fascinating world of complete darkness is not a solitary place – millions of life forms inhabit it. This exhibit brings these shadowy haunts into focus and shows us how life forms have adapted to lightless environments, including refinements of senses, the evolution of unique body parts, and illumination using “biological flashlights.”

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Dinos Alive - Now Open!

Embark on a Jurassic Adventure with Dinos Alive

Get up-close and personal experience with some of the planet’s most feared and amazing creatures in this exciting exhibit featuring full-size, life-like animatronic dinosaurs.

Secrets of the Sea

From adorable pygmy seahorses and opalescent squid to manta rays, tiger sharks, barnacle blennies, a coconut octopus, and much more, Secrets of the Sea takes you face-to-face with an astonishing array of marine critters and shows the fascinating ways they interact with each other and their environment. Many marine animals depend on one another for survival, and Secrets of the Sea demonstrates the critical importance of marine biodiversity to keeping our oceans healthy.

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Great White Shark 3D

Misrepresented, maligned and misunderstood, the Great White Shark is an iconic predator: the creature we love to fear. Great White Shark 3D will explore the Great White's place in our imaginations, in our fears, and in the reality of its role at the top of the oceanic food chain. Narrated by Bill Nighy, see the Great White through the eyes of people who swim with sharks in the MG 3D Theater.

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Shark: A 4D Experience

Come face to face with some of the world’s most strange and mysterious shark species. These extraordinarily intelligent underwater giants each exhibit unique behaviors to navigate their ever-changing environment. Explore the complex nature of these magnificent creatures’ survival instincts. 

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Spring Break Adventures: March 11 - 18

Limited Capacity, Reserve Your Space Today

Have fun and learn this Spring Break! Spring Adventures are an exciting way to start your day at Moody Gardens. Participants will have an early entrance in the corresponding attraction prior to other guests with a private tour. The adventure continues with a focused educational program and Ambassador Animal presentation. After the program participants may enter the same attraction for addition viewing on their own.

Saturday, March 11 - Amazing Amazon Animals (Check-in 9:15am Rainforest Entrance)
Sunday, March 12 - Kelp Forest Kings (Check-in 9:15am Aquarium Entrance)
Monday, March 13 - Nocturnal Animals (Check-in 9:15am Rainforest Entrance)
Tuesday, March 14 - Shark Scientists (Check-in 9:15am Aquarium Entrance)
Wednesday, March 15 - Investigating Insects (Check-in 9:15am Rainforest Entrance)
Thursday, March 16 - Deep Sea Discoveries (Check-in 9:15am Aquarium Entrance)
Friday, March 17 - Exploring Our Senses (Check-in 9:15am Rainforest Entrance)
Saturday, March 18 - Wetland Wonders (Check-in 9:15am Aquarium Entrance)

    $30 per person adult & youth (2 and under free)
    Youth under 17 must be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times.


    Junior Golf Camps (ages 8-13)

    March 13, 14, 15 & June 5, 6, 7

    Learn the fundamentals of the golf swing, golf rules and course etiquette!

    Practice hitting balls on the range, chipping and putting! 


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    Explore Moody Gardens Family Package

    Explore Moody Gardens Package for Four- Package includes Luxurious Room for one night, four two-day passes for two consecutive days to the Rainforest, Aquarium, 20,000 Leagues: An Interactive Adventure, 3D Theater, 4D Theater, and Colonel Paddlewheel Boat.

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    Explore Moody Gardens Couples Package

    Explore Moody Gardens Package for Two- Package includes two two-day passes for two consecutive days to the Rainforest, Aquarium, 20,000 Leagues: An Interactive Adventure, 3D Theater, 4D Theater, and Colonel Paddlewheel Boat.

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