Pyramid Kids Camps Dinos Alive

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Pyramid Kids Camps

Camps begin June 2021

Pyramid Kids Camps Dinos Alive

Moody Gardens Seeks Wildlife Engineers For Summer 2021 Wild Marvels Day Camps

Great for all Wildlife Engineers entering grades K-8th!

  1. 2021 Summer Camp Parent Guide

Monday- Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM (up to 3 attraction experiences per day) 

Before Care: 8:00AM - 8:30AM
After Care: 4:30PM - 5:00PM
*Both included with registration


K-5th Grade - $250/week
6th-8th Grade - $275/week

K-5th Grade - $275/week
6th-8th Grade - $300/week

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Priority for camper registration will be given to week-long attendees. Registration increases after May 1st, but camps may be booked in full before this deadline. Therefore, we encourage you to register your wildlife engineer(s) as soon as possible to guarantee their camp attendance at this amazing price. Single day registrations may be made available for booking after May 1st and will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

Opportunity: Dirty jobs exist in the zoological field, and it’s our job to find people to fill them!  Join us this summer at Moody Gardens as a wildlife engineer to get nitty and gritty with the natural marvels of our planet, put your design ideas to the test, and create your own environmental blueprints for the future of our oceans and rainforests.   

The Ideal Candidate: Have you ever dreamed of hosting your own show on television that highlights unique and often messy careers in conservation, gets up close and personal with animals and ecosystems out in the field, showcases design elements of zoological facilities, and inspires a generation to love wildlife?  Then we want you! We invite all young and wondrous minds entering grades K-8th that are curious about the parts and pieces that keep ecosystems running to participate in Wild Marvels.

Experiences Included:

• Discover what it takes to become a wildlife engineer by exploring our attractions, participating in design challenges, conducting experiments, and creating works of art inspired by nature.

• Hear firsthand from our staff about the role we all serve in ecosystem conservation.

• Receive your own Wildlife Engineer Portfolio to track your daily adventures.

• Work with your fellow wildlife engineers to receive puzzle pieces that will help you create an environmental blueprint for the oceans and rainforests of tomorrow.

• Experience up-close encounters with the Moody Gardens Animal Ambassadors.

• Make memories and friends that will last a lifetime!

Department Availability:

Seaside Safari (K-2nd Grade) - Nurture your curiosity about the natural world as we trek through the Moody Gardens Pyramids. Work with your fellow wildlife engineers to find answers to your questions about the world's€™s oceans and rainforests.  Run wild as you create a new habitat, plant or animal straight from your imagination.

Nature Rangers (3rd-5th Grade) - Patrol the wilds of Moody Gardens to discover the processes that help ecosystems tick.  Monitor the orders that people place for services and resources provided by nature.  Put your wildlife engineering skills to the test as you design and build your own sustainable ecosystem protected from natural disasters and human activities.

BioQuest (6th-8th Grade) - Go on behind the scenes expeditions with Moody Gardens animal care staff.  Get an in-depth look at how we ensure our animal ambassadors have the latest and greatest advantage we can design.  Grab your wildlife engineer toolkit to construct models, complete labs (SLIME!), conduct surveys, and create plans to help share our conservation mission with the world

Site Location and Logistics:

All wildlife engineers may report for duty beginning at 8:00am each day at the Main Parking Lot Tram Stop (Click here to download a property map)

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Line - Parents should pull up along the curb next to the Main Parking Lot Tram Stop and remain in their vehicles to sign their wildlife engineers in and out each day of camp via paperwork with a construction site educator.  After you have dropped off or picked up your engineer, please move your vehicle forward to keep the line moving.

All wildlife engineers will participate in free play on our construction zone playground during pick-up and drop-off times.  Construction site educators will escort all wildlife engineers to their job sites beginning at 8:30AM each morning and return to the playground at 4:30PM each afternoon for pick-up.

Construction site educators or parents may request one-on-one conferences with each other to address inquiries regarding camp activities and policies or behavioral needs of their engineers.  In this case, parents will be asked to park in the hotel or attractions lot and walk over to the Main Parking Lot Tram Stop to speak with a construction site educator.

Uniforms and Safety Gear:

• One camp t-shirt will be provided to each wildlife engineer as their required uniform for the week.  Additional t-shirts may be purchased for a fee.
• All wildlife engineers must wear closed-toed shoes and arrive to camp with sunscreen/bug spray already applied.  Engineers may bring and reapply sunscreen/bug spray on their own as needed throughout the day.
• We will visit Palm Beach on a specified day towards the end of each camp week, and information regarding this camp activity will be provided to parents on Mondays. In order to attend Palm Beach, all wildlife engineers must wear a swimsuit underneath their camp uniform on this day or bring one to change into along with a towel.
• The following are additional items that Moody Gardens recommends all wildlife engineers bring to keep them safe and comfortable while at camp:

• Reusable water bottle
• Backpack/bag to carry personal belongings to, during and from camp
• Camera to take pictures while exploring exhibits/attractions

Moody Gardens reserves the right to cancel any program due to minimum enrollment, inclement weather, or unforeseen circumstances.

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